Treatment Types

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We offer orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation for sprains, strains, post-op, fractures, multiple trauma, total joint replacement, and neurological rehabilitation.

We can help you with pain management for conditions such as fibromyalgia, myositis, chronic headaches, and arthritis, as well as pain associated with injuries to the leg, arm, shoulder, neck, wrist and foot.

We help our patients improve their quality of life with our work conditioning/work hardening program, mitigate low back pain caused by pregnancy, and improve balance and coordination to prevent dangerous falls.

Check out some of our therapy programs below.

AquaCare Therapy

Recently refurbished and converted to salt water, the AquaCare™ pool at PT Hawaii-Waipahu can expand the depth and scope of a clinician’s treatment options. Since the goals for aquatic therapy are similar to land-based therapy, the program is designed to improve the recovery outcomes for those with complicated injuries received as a result of...

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Massage Therapy

Medical massage is a popular therapy used to relieve muscle tension, spasms, inflammation, fluid retention, aches, stiffness, and pain. Other benefits include improved circulation (blood and lymph), general flexibility, range of motion, and increased tissue elasticity (e.g. scar tissue).

During treatment, the MASSAGE therapist may...

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Functional Restoration Therapy

People often experience loss of function following an injury or surgery. They may also unknowingly create additional problems for themselves by overcompensating or favoring the site. Functional Restoration and Retraining helps patients regain independence and reduce the risk of flare up in symptoms. Therapies are focused on exercises and...

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Back to Work Program

It is important to return the injured worker back to the workplace promptly to maximize coping skills and functional capacity and return to a normal activity level. The overall goal of any injured worker rehabilitation program is to shorten the time frame from onset of injury to a return to the work force. The most efficient outcome is...

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Spinal Dysfunction Therapy

At NPTS, we believe that educating patients about their spines is key to successful recovery and prevention of re-injury later. We are realistic and know that no one can use perfect postures all of the time, but improving some postures will result in drastic improvements in perceived discomfort and a decline in repetitive neck and back...

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Neuro-muscular Re-education Therapy

When a source of impairment leads to altered ”dominance patterns” of working muscles, people tend to overuse certain muscles and under-use others. This can lead to further dysfunction and injury.

We can help patients retrain their neuromuscular systems. We begin by assessing any faulty movement patterns then work with them on a...

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Hand Therapy

Physical Therapy Hawaii offers a comprehensive approach to treating upper extremity dysfunctions. Our licensed Physical Therapists are uniquely qualified to deal with numerous conditions including:

■ Fractures
■ Nerve Injuries/Compression Syndromes
■ Tendon injury/Laceration/Repair
■ Traumatic Injuries
■ Arthritis

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