As we begin the New Year we would like to thank all of you for your continued support of PT Hawaii. Since PT Hawaii-Waipahu, Home of the Aquatherapy Center opened its door on August 9, 2003 with its innovative solar heated pool program; we have cared for over 720 injured patients!

The power of aquatic rehabilitation has once again been confirmed in the literature with a study by Joel M. Stager, Ph.D., professor of kinesiology at the University of Indiana and editor of The Journal of Swimming. Dr. Stager has studied the therapeutic effects of water for 30 years and suggests that regular swimming can slow aging as much as 20 percent by maintaining respiration, muscle mass and cardiovascular function.

Equally as important as studies in the literature are personal clinical experiences and here is what some of our patients are saying about the Aquatherapy Program:

“Your staff and therapists have been for the last 3 months, ‘the best’! It was great to come to my appointment. They all give a new meaning to service with a smile.”

“My back pain has been improved due to the pool program. I am very impressed by the therapist's’ efforts to improve my pain. Thank you so much to all the staff.”


Now that spring has sprung it is a good time to consider Aquatic therapy or rehabilitation that is performed in water is ideal for patients that have difficulty exercising on the ground due to recent surgery, illness or injury. It is especially useful if your patients are experiencing pain, weakness, muscle spasms, limited range of motion, decreased strength and limited weight bearing.

Aquatic therapy benefits your patients by lowering the stress on joints & muscles, improving circulation, decreasing pain, encouraging relaxation, decreasing fear of movement and improving their ability to exercise independently.
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