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Knots, what are they and how do we treat and prevent them?

We have all heard these descriptors before; muscle knots, trigger point, facial knots but what are they really? knots can be formed from increased tension or shortening of the affected muscle of fascial lining- (the thick connective tissue underlying the muscle that connects it to the fat layer). Thus, it is more commonly referred to as a myofacial knot. Learn more about treatment and prevention at Medical News today.

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The Perception of Pain

Pain. It's something we all experience at one time or another, but not all pain is the same. There are many misconceptions out there about causes of pain, intensity of pain, and cures for pain. Published by the American Physical Therapy Association, the link below includes 9 Things You Should Know About Pain:

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Brain Injury Awareness Month

While we all aim to maintain good health and avoid injury, sometimes tragedy inevitably strikes. March is national Brain Injury Awareness Month and is a great time to take a minute to read up on brain injury characteristics, statistics, and treatment. Always remember, if you have a head injury, seek medical care immediately to rule-out any damage below the surface.

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A Heart Healthy Valentine's Day

While sweet treats or elaborate meals may be your go-to for Valentine's Day, why not take a time out this year to focus on the health of your heart. Show some love to your heart and follow some of these simple tips to head down the road of better heart health.

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Physical Activity Goals for the New Year, New You!

Every year we all make resolutions to make ourselves healthier, wealthier, or wiser. This year, why not aim to improve your physical health? While many of us will try a few things here and there, the Center for Disease Control has come up with these guidelines to help prevent weight-related illness and improve overall cardiovascular health. As always, check with your doctor before beginning a new exercise regiment.

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Avoiding Back Injuries During the Holiday Season

With all of the decorating and activities surrounding the holidays, it can be easy to rush and potentially injure yourself. Follow these steps to help prevent injury and keep your back healthy.

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