Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning

After completing your physical therapy treatment plans and improving your function, you may not be quite ready to return to work due to more physical demands. This is where work conditioning comes in. Work conditioning involves strengthening and conditioning exercises often used in traditional physical therapy, but on a larger spectrum to condition the whole body for your specific work requirements. Work conditioning lasts 2 hours and will help you return to full-duty work function by using:

Strengthening Exercises

Often times, patients lose strength in the area of injury, or across the whole body. Strengthening exercises use resistance to help return your strength, improving joint and body function.

Endurance / Conditioning Exercises

When injuries cause us to decrease our activity level, our bodies often become quickly deconditioned and weak. Endurance or conditioning exercises help to return our whole body to the previous level of function and strength. These exercises can include cardiovascular and strength training.

Range of Motion Exercises

Some patients may suffer from limited motion following an injury. These exercises are designed to help participants relieve stiffness, restore flexibility and attain normal joint movement. Often this will involve stretching or mobility drills.